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Time for Halloween Costumes!

It’s a toss up between Halloween and Christmas for my #1 holiday…but right now Halloween is closer!!!!! Woohhoo! It’s time to look for costumes and while I probably still won’t fit in regular sizes, I will fit in all the plus sizes which is nice. Usually I only fit in a select few…exciting….now to decide what to be :)

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One baby step at a time!

So I made a fool of myself on Saturday night. I didn’t get extremely drunk but I didn’t need to. I had the confidence to let loose and have fun without being ready to fall over :)

I want to remember all the little steps I’m taking on the road to fearless…..this was another one. I danced like an idiot. I even had someone tell me “Wow didn’t know you knew had to dance that too!” (Some country song, apparently I was two-stepping) I laughed like an idiot and said “I don’t but I guess maybe it looks like I do, thanks!” Yep apparently when you are confident people don’t notice that you’re all kinds of lost haha

I don’t know, I never want to be conceited and have an over inflated ego. I don’t think I will, its not that I was a fool because I wanted to be the center of attention. I just didn’t care enough about what other people thought to be shy.

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Not having a fear against food is the most liberating feeling ever.


This time last year, I wouldn’t of thought this is how my life would be.

Truly shows how capable of change humans really are.

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Boo…plans canceled for today. No skating for the kid and I. Ah well yoga and at least a walk today. I am feeling so lazy after doing absolutely nothing yesterday. :/

I wish I had more friends that ate healthy and liked exercising.

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  • 02: What’s your favorite healthy snack?
  • Frozen grapes, hands down.
  • 03: What is your ultimate goal reward?
  • I’m thinking a trip! Somewhere overseas, I’m not a beach girl. More mountains and history.
  • 08: An inspiring fitblr that you follow?
  • hmm…I can’t single out one person. Even my percentage of reblogs is constantly a collage of 3%
  • 09: Guilty pleasure snack?
  • Fro-yo? Does that count? I prefer it to ice cream. 
  • 10: Did it already :)
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Anonymous: 6, 10

06: Post a picture of your favorite fitspiration.

I don’t have a particular person I look to but quotes that inspire me to look within myself and include strong, fit, tough woman are my favorite :)

10: Food you couldn’t live without?

Hmm… Before I would have said cheese lol Today yogurt! I love it for everything. Shakes, cooking, dessert, popsicles, etc. etc.



Tumblr is like a really big blue room and people walk around in white shirts covered in sticky notes and whenever you reblog something you’re just taking one of their stickynotes and slapping it on your tit and then walking back over to your friends like guys look at this

#this is the most accurate description of us i have ever heard #this is literally how i’m going to describe tumblr to people who aren’t from around these parts #for the rest of my life

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Why hello shark week…thank you for making my body sore on my rest day! -_-

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This week I will be going “easy” on myself

That said I plan to start practicing yoga (very lightly) so any sites/blogs/videos/books you guys could recommend?

And I will also be running a few days this week just to get cardio in. 

Next week 30DS!